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Why Outsource to India?

Why Outsource to Us?


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Vini Infinity has launched IndiaVirtualTour.com, a website with unique concept of 360° Virtual Tour on the Taj Mahal - Greatest Wonder of World and Delhi - Capital of India.

Vini Infinity has launched GurgaonYellowPages.com - online commercial and industrial directory of Gurgaon

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 Why Outsource to Us? 

Being based in India, we can provide extremely cost-effective development without compromising on quality. Graphics, design aesthetics, design technique and programming are our strong points and we are always willing to understand, appreciate and anticipate the end user experience. That makes us ideally suited for outsourcing for your web design, web application and software development needs.

We are very concerned about providing professional support to our customers' right through the whole development process with significant cost-effective methods at the same time. We work with a clear focus on providing continuous value to our clients, recognizing the benefits and cost savings that an offshore-onsite model can bring.

Outsourcing to Vini Infinity is the ideal choice for those in search of quality web development answers. We don’t intend to deliver you just the products you outsourced us for, but we intend to deliver you complete results as well.

Our team has the complete expertise you would want in any person. From basic graphics design, design aesthetics, design technique, appreciating and anticipating the end user experience, to aspects such as efficient programming techniques and incorporating new technologies, our team excels in each beyond par your expectations.

Our Core Services include:

  • Technology and Strategy Consulting Services
  • Commercial and Enterprise Software Development
  • Application and Solution Development
  • Project and Program Management
  • Design and Architecture
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product Quality Assessment
  • Automated Test Scripting
  • Validation Testing
  • Documentation, Help Systems, Graphic Design

Our simple and efficient process, fast-turnaround time and high-quality standards have helped us establish successful outsource relationships with our clients. Would you like to outsource to us. Try us out!

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