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Vini Infinity has launched IndiaVirtualTour.com, a website with unique concept of 360° Virtual Tour on the Taj Mahal - Greatest Wonder of World and Delhi - Capital of India.

Vini Infinity has launched GurgaonYellowPages.com - online commercial and industrial directory of Gurgaon

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 Why Have a Website? 

May we ask why not?

Suppose people want to know who you are and what you have to offer or your potential clients are looking for you and you are NOT THERE at the 'right' place and at the 'right' time - will this be a desirable situation???

The world is going the digital way!

Every day there are more and more people on the web than before. Almost everyone with a computer and a phone line has an internet connection and for people without a PC the internet cafes are bringing the cyberspace at their fingertips. With the vast amount of information available online the internet has become the primary source of researching information, companies and products.

A web site means ...

A web site will represent you, your organization or your business online. It's an opportunity for you to publish knowledge, ideas and products to the world and become accessible to anybody and anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, that is, the web gives you a round-the-clock interactive service at a reduced expense! Can you think of any other cost effective communication medium that can do this for you???

Increase your visibility, communicate with the world and expand your client base globally!

More and more individuals and business persons are looking to the Web for products and services. From the most remote location you can reach people anywhere, announce upcoming events, post images and get feedback at any time of the day and from all over the world. A web site is an ideal place to communicate with customers, suppliers, prospects, sales people and the general public -- tell them about your products or services, your business hours, your methods of payment, how to find you, etc.

100% current and time-sensitive information for an international audience!

What if your materials need to be released no earlier than midnight -- the quarterly earnings statement, the grand prize winner, the press kit for the much-anticipated film, the merger news? Well, you sent out the materials to the press with the "Do-not-release-before-such-and-such-time" statement and hope for the best. Now the information can be made available at midnight or any time you specify, with all related materials such as photographs, tables, charts, etc. released at exactly the same time. No brochure, radio spot, newspaper or TV/cable ad can sustain or refresh your message as can a web site. To retain your customers you need to keep them informed about the latest news, activities, events and services. Your web must also change to cater to your users' changing needs. You can even attach your web page to a database that customizes the page's output to a database you can change as many times in a day as you need. No printed piece can match this flexibility. Thus having a web site and being able to update it any time allows you to compete with your largest competitors on an equal footing.

Heightening public interest!

Your widget is great but people would really love it if they could see it in action. Again with no airplay nobody will know that your album sounds great! How about a 3D view of the interior of a room? Exploit the immense power of this high-tech world to make a good impression and attract clients! Add animated logos, high-resolution images, sound files, virtual reality effects and much more to your information. Unlike print, on the web not all visitors will proceed through the same pages serially. Hypertext can provide alternate views of information and alternative routes for users to follow based on their needs and interests. Rather than just forming a vague idea the visual, interactive and dynamic qualities of the web allow your visitor to have an all-encompassing view of your products or services -- it really complements an actual visit to your place particularly for your remote clients.

High-quality and instantaneous customer service!

How about making forms available to pre-qualify for loans, or having your staff to do a search for that classic Ravindra Sangeet record your customer is looking for, without tying up your staff on the phone to take down the information? Allow your customer to punch in sizes and check it against a database that tells him what colours of jacket are available in your store? All this can be done, simply and quickly, on the WWW. The personnel at your reception will tell you how their time is usually spent answering the same questions over and over again. These are the queries that customers and potential clients come up with before they deal with you. Post them on a WWW page and free up some time for your harried phone operator. You can also get instant feedback from your users and anticipate their changing needs. Moreover, an instant response to the frequently asked questions can be built into the web pages while they are still fresh in your customer's mind avoiding the cost and response-time of business reply mail.

So if you don't want to be left behind, if you want to be a part of the future ... go for Vini Infinity!!!

Hmm...!!!! Do I beleive you?

A valid concern. But simply answered, just ask our satisfied clients!

How do I proceed?

If you are located in Delhi and around Delhi, our marketing representatives will visit you immediately after receiving your message. You are away from Delhi? No problem, you can send your material to be published through E-mail and we will take over from there.

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